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Jan 2, 2010 10:30am EST
, even early medicare, that such a person would not be in violation of the law if he accepted such a benefit for giving an organ so that a stranger could live. >> bonnie: under her donation incentive program, dr. satel's donors would earn financial benefits from their governments. first, they'd be screened to make sure they're in good physical and emotional health. then, there would be a waiting period prior to the donation, and donors would be guaranteed follow-up medical care. >> of all the people involved in the transplantation process, the donor is the only one who takes a risk a gives a thing of value, and gets nothing in return. i'm not talking about a traditional free market at all, where people make independent contracts. we are talking about a regulated system through the government. as i mentioned before, we already have a very good infrastructure established for individuals who want to donate freely to a stranger. here, they would use the exact same procedure, except that they would get a benefit. >> bonnie: there are more than 105,000 people in the national wai
Jan 27, 2010 11:00pm EST
though as i said we all hated the bank bailout and what he was doing in medicare and the grand scale of the talking points for his party and making a come back in the midterm election saying we know what we're doing we know there are obstacles, we know it wasn't all going to be easy based on hope so here is where we're trying to go. in that sense yes, i think it was very much a clintonesque laundry list of ideas for the mid terms. >> charlie: any new ideas? >> no. i think really the only thing that was surprising to me in this speech was the occasional bark that obama was making saying there are people who disregard the overwhelming scientific evidence of climate change or whatever. so i don't think there was much that was new in the content but it was we are establishing yes we are confident in what we are doing. we have a plan we're doing this step by step by step as oppose to this chaos you've been inferring in the last month in news coverage. >> i think charlie also if i may there was one new thing that wasn't there which you may, if you were on the left of the democratic party,
Jan 5, 2010 11:00pm EST
run there. so my answer to you is i... if we were in a system where we had medicare for everybody, i think that would be a great system. if we had a system we where we had private insurance plans for everybody, i think it could be a great system, too. the devil is in the details. you can make a terrible system under either one of those... >> rose: what would you need if you had a private insurance... essentially a private insurance system to make sure that it worked? >> in the countries that have private insurance as the dominant way that prix ride is care, it's heavily regulated. the insurers cannot just... not only cannot provide pre-existing condition exclusions, they also have to be public about the ways they spent their dollars, they have serious competition over whether the quality of care and the provision of care is up to you have? and that kind of approach requires living with rules of the road that make it so you can have genuine fairness and competition for driving better care now will private insurers actually provide value added by... in a new system in? that ball goes t
Jan 22, 2010 11:00pm EST
in to discretionary spending. i mean which is a small part of the budget. but you can't do... the way you do medicare is the way they were starting to do it in the health-care bill and the entitlements. these are the big ticket items, innd and defense and service on the debt. so wall street, deficit reduction and number three, is infrastructure projects. now the interesting thing about the stimulus project, remember all the talk about shovel-ready projects last year? there were no... there wasn't. >> rose: why not. >> they didn't even have shovels. because it takes time to get these things through. and what you are going to see this year in the next three quarters is that one-third of the stimulus was infrastructure is going to start coming on board, and creating some jobs and also creating some signs saying you know, the obama administration... . >> rose: so you do i have in problem with the stimulus program congress wrote. >> no, i don't. it takes time to do it but one thing he should do, the most popular campaign proposal he had was for a national infrastructure bank. which would take the yes or n
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)